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The Village of East Rockaway


PROJECT IMPACT: BUILDING A DISASTER RESISTANT COMMUNITY is an initiative that challenges the Village of East Rockaway to undertake actions that protect families, businesses and communities by reducing the effects of natural disasters.

The goal is to reduce the personal and economic effects of natural disasters. This effort is an investment that will enhance and strengthen the economic structure and long term stability of our Village, regardless of when a disaster strikes. You can make a difference. As an individual, you can install storm shutters, smoke detectors, residential fire sprinklers, raise or floodproof your heating and air conditioning units. Purchase flood insurance to cover your home and contents. As a businessperson, comply with building and fire codes; purchase flood insurance to cover your business and its contents. Encourage and support employees' efforts to participate in disaster resistant community activities. Support you Village's initiatives for disaster resistance. The Village of East Rockaway is committed to reducing disaster losses. Become a partner in the collaboration, preparation and prevention measures found in Project Impact.

Join us in helping your Village protect its self from disasters. Working together, we can forever change the way America prepares for and prevents the effects of disasters.

Project Impact Partners

FEMA encourages businesses to protect themselves, to protect their employees, and to protect the communities in which they operate, from the tragic effects of natural disasters. Businesses that can make special contributions to Project Impact communities, or to FEMA for its support of Project Impact communities, can be recognized for that contribution.

To see a list of the Village of East Rockaway Project Impact Partners, or for more information on how you can help your community by becoming a Project Impact Partner, click here.


The Village of East Rockaway has donated to the City of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, our reserve 1979 American LaFrance rear mount 100 foot aerial ladder, completely equipped and ready for emergency service. The City of Bay St. Louis suffered a direct hit from Hurricane Katrina. This coastal community on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico had the storm's eye pass directly overhead causing massive damage and destroying nearly 85% of the homes and businesses there. The City of 8,900 residents lost a large amount of it's infrastructure including their fire fighting capability. Aside from the damage affecting their firehouse, equipment and apparatus, many of the firefighters lost their homes and personal belongings. When the members of the fire department finish there workday of disaster recovery, they go and rebuild their homes. The Village of East Rockaway learned of the city's need for replacement firefighting equipment through the national network of emergency management offices of which the village belongs. The Mayor and Board felt the loss that the residents of this coastal community and our brother firefighters have endured, and know that this piece of fire fighting equipment will help restore the feeling of security to the citizens of Bay St. Louis.

In January 2006 Assistant Chief Lou Prendergast and Lieutenant Mark Zitterlopf flew up from Bay St Louis to train on the operation of Ladder 403. The Protector Hook Ladder and Hose Company, 1979 aerial ladder served the Village of East Rockaway very well for 25 years before being replaced by a new 100 foot ladder and going in to reserve status. The spirit of the apparatus sends the message which the Village Family wanted to convey. "Protector" is displayed across the front of the truck and across the front cab roof "Main St. Forever". Bay St Louis's Main St was where the surge did the most damage to the business community. Bay St Louis faces a long road recovery back and they will rebuild, so East Rockaway wanted this small community to know it will not be forgotten.

The day that the transfer of the truck's title was done both communities knew that this was meant to be, the mileage of 403 was 8, 914, the population of Bay St. Louis before Katrina struck. The population now is only 3,400, with many people displaced or listed as still missing. Project Impact Partner Davison Boatyard Metro Power donated the fuel for the 1,200 mile return trip back to the Gulf coast. The members of Bay St. Louis Fire Department on their return to Mississippi three days later spoke of the high degree of professional in giving them assistance. Ladder 403 went into service that day, protecting the residents and giving spirit to the recovery. The lettering on the apparatus is going to remain, being the centerpiece for the rebuilding of Bay St Louis as a disaster resistant community.

People wishing to help can give the best donation, a Home Depot gift card, sent directly to the:

Bay St. Louis Fire Department
310 Old Spanish Trail
Bay St Louis, Mississippi 39520

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