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The Village of East Rockaway


The Village Office of Emergency Management welcomes you to this web site. Here you will find information about actions that you can take to better prepare yourself, your family and your property.

The key to surviving severe weather events or disasters, natural or man made is BEING PREPARED. You can begin by taking immediate actions to ensure that your family is fully prepared and ready to react to emergency notifications and instructions. Some disasters can be prevented, if we take steps before the storm or incident occurs. Other times, the event is so great that we suffer damage. If you have prepared and have knowledge of what to expect, you will feel in control of your situation.

Disasters come in all sizes. What is a small inconvenience to one person, loss of electricity, may be a life-threading emergency to a person who is on life support. Most disaster victims suffer unnecessary heartache because they just didn't know the basics of surviving the event. Do you have insurance? Did you practice mitigation? Have you prepared a plan? If you are not sure that your ready for a disaster, then take some time to look at this site.

For a complete index of the valuable information that can be found on this site, click on the link to our SITE MAP.

Community Profile

The Village of East Rockaway is a coastal community located on the south shore of Long Island. East Rockaway is about 1.2 square miles with 10,500 persons. Their population density per square mile is about 9,250 with about 15% living in special flood hazard areas. There are an estimated 3,400 dwellings of which 500 are located in a special flood hazard area. There are a number of critical facilites within the jurisdiction: a Village Hall, four fire stations, five schools, one nursing home, and two early child care facilities.

Disaster Risk

The Village of East Rockaway is particularly vulnerable to coastal flooding when storm surge tides come ashore from hurricanes or nor'easters. These have caused repetitive flooding in the village's special flood hazard areas.


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